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Celebs teed up for golf match

Last Modified: 27 Aug 2005
Source: ITN

A host of celebrities have swapped their party shoes for golf spikes as Wales hosts a celebrity version of the Ryder Cup.

James Nesbitt, Jodie Kidd, Ian Wright, Rob Lowe, Chris Evans and Gavin Henson are among the celebrities making up the two teams to be pitted against each other during the two-day event.

Husband and wife, Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas will be playing on opposing sides as the Welsh beauty has been picked to represent Europe while her husband plays for the American team.

Colin Montgomery is captaining the European stars while Mark O'Meara is captain of the US side.

The golf legends will be coaching and supporting their teams but neither will actually be playing in the tournament which is being held on the Roman Road course at the Celtic Manor in Newport, Gwent.

The game starts on Sunday and will continue until bank holiday Monday.

Each celebrity has nominated their own charity to which they will donate any prize money and their share of the proceeds from ticket sales to the event.

The concept is the brainchild of presenters Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly who are both keen golfers.

Disc jockey and Europe team member Chris Evans said he had been spending time getting to know the green in an effort to gain an advantage for the Brits.

He also revealed the European team had their own bonding session ahead of the practice day - by drinking into the early hours.

He said: "With the greatest respect to our American friends, there were none of them in the entertainment facilities of the hotel after 10pm.

"At about 1.15am, Colin (Montgomerie) looked at me and shook his head because the whole of the European team were in the bar."

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