Catherine Zeta-Jones and Damian Lewis

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Damian Lewis

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All*Star Golf: Cath ZJ's Day

All*Star Golf - Tears And Moonies

Who'd have thought a round or two of golf could ever be so exciting?

But with glamorous Hollywood stars letting their hair down, pop stars flashing their bottoms and others going into labour - it was all go at Sky One's All*Star Cup.

Catherine Zeta-Jones was the talk of the green, not necessarily for her actual golf skills, but for her larking around, her good golf fashion and her tears and mock tantrums.

After taking four shots to get just 100 yards on the first hole in the US vs Europe golf tournament, she burst into tears and flung her club away.

But her high jinks won her plenty of fans as the Queen of Hollywood became the Queen of the Green - and was forgiven for sneaking in a snog with one of the opponents - well, it was her husband.

As the event neared the end, the scores were pretty close... and the European team needed a winning shot from Ronan Keating.

Cath and Chris Evans

Cath and Chris Evans

But just moments after he popped the little ball in the hole (it's not strictly technical speak), he was given the news that his wife had just gone into labour.

So off Ronan nipped to be with her, whilst his European team mates celebrated with a jar or two.

Robbie Williams was one celeb who rocked up to support his fellow stars, and treated the crowds at the end to an impromptu moonie.

And Charlotte Church had turned up to lend her support to her boyf Gavin Henson, although she did admit: "I know bugger all about golf."

She's probably echoing the sentiments of many of us... but when our favourite celebs have slipped on a pair of those tassled shoes and grabbed a club we love it - see the picture gallery of all the best action.

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