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Jordan tops worst dressed list

Bad news for bride-to-be Jordan, she has topped a list of the world's worst dressed celebrities.

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The glamour girl, set to marry Peter Andre tomorrow, was voted ahead of Britney Spears and her arch-rival Jodie Marsh.

Jordan came top in a survey of 1,000 women for Prima magazine.

"Both Jordan and Britney`s questionable `fashion sense` plummeted during their pregnancies.

"Fashion pundits are now holding their breath at the prospect of Jordan`s wedding dress," a magazine spokeswoman said.

Wayne Rooney`s fiance Coleen McLoughlin, Cherie Blair, Kelly Osbourne and Camilla Parker Bowles were runners-up.

Victoria Beckham has divided fashion fans, she came third in the worst dressed poll but also topped the best dressed list, ahead of Catherine Zeta Jones and Cat Deeley.

Prima editor Maire Fahey said: "Poor Victoria, we either love her or hate her. I think she`s got her style back on track and, whether you like her or not, she can`t be ignored.

"Coleen McLoughlin has made her first appearance in our worst dressed poll and will be one to watch for next year."

Worst Dressed List

1 Jordan
2 Britney Spears
3 Victoria Beckham
4 Jodie Marsh
5 Kelly Osbourne
6 Jade Goody
7 Cherie Blair
8 Coleen McLoughlin
9 Christina Aguilera
10 Camilla Parker Bowles

Best Dressed List

1 Victoria Beckham
2 Catherine Zeta Jones
3 Cat Deeley
4 Nicole Kidman
5 Kylie Minogue
6 Sienna Miller
7 Jennifer Aniston
8 Joanna Lumley
9 Liz Hurley
10 Kate Winslet

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