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Last Updated: Tuesday, 27 September 2005, 10:43 GMT 11:43 UK
Going to Church for the answers
By Christopher Sleight
BBC Wales news website

Charlotte Church
Church says she is very proud to be Welsh

In part two of our Charlotte Church interview the Cardiff singer answers more of the questions you emailed to us.

Here, Church responds to queries about all things Welsh, why she smokes and reveals who her ideal drinking partners would be.

And will she give her phone number to Martin from Cardiff?

Do you think you could ever leave your roots and live else where? Or would you miss "home"? Ceridwen, Walsall, West Midlands
I think I'd miss Wales too much. I'm really close to my family, so I'd really miss them. I just love being there. I'm really patriotic. I'm really proud to be Welsh.

But you never know - I'm so young, I don't know how I'm going to feel in a couple of years, but as of right now, no I can't really see myself moving.

Would you consider releasing a song in Welsh? Do you think Welsh music could find a place in the exclusively English Charts? James Parker, Bridgwater, Somerset
I don't think the Welsh language will ever really be as accepted as English pop songs. It's a shame, because it's a beautiful language and it's really beautiful when it's sung.

Pembrokeshire coastline
Church cannot see herself moving from Wales in the next few years

The whole reason most of south Wales doesn't speak Welsh is because of another English king. Did he kill our Prince Llewellyn or something? He moved a load of English in and wouldn't allow us to speak Welsh.

So I don't think we've got any chance of getting in the charts really.

Although some people make fun of us, being Welsh is great. What do you think? Andy, Cardiff, Wales
I love being Welsh, I think it's great. We've got a proper identity. Our accent is wonderful. I don't speak Welsh - a little bit but not really. I love the fact that we all sing and play rugby. I just think we're more passionate than other nations.

Generalising a whole nation, I think we're much crazier and more passionate - quite like the Irish.

Why have you taken up smoking? Considering your profession and influential status; couldn't this be one bad habit worth kicking? Mark, Newport, South Wales
Because I was 16-and-a-half and I wanted to try a fag and I got addicted.

I've cut down, I'm smoking about five a day now, which is much better because I used to smoke 20 a day. I will eventually give up but I just can't at the moment because I enjoy it too much.

Doesn't it worry you it might affect your voice?
It will. It is bad, but I'll just see how it goes.

Would you like to become a film star one day, or do the West End? Simon, Newport
No. I was in one film and I think I was crap. I was a dreadful actress. Really hard working hours - there's a lot more waiting round on film sets.

Is it true your going to be in Catherine Zeta Jones' film Under Milk Wood? Craig, Aberdare
No. No one's told me about this. I heard it on the radio the other day and I thought, really? Am I? I don't know anything about that.

I would be interested to know your choice of the most beautiful place in Wales you have ever been to? Karl, London
Southerndown, which is a beach and it's gorgeous. It's absolutely beautiful scenery with really interesting rock features.

James Nesbitt and Victoria Beckham
Two of Church's ideal drinking pals: James Nesbitt and Victoria Beckham

If you were in an imaginary round in a pub who would be your ideal drinking partner? Me and my friend Ian would have you, Oliver Reed, Chris Evans, Sara Cox and Max Boyce. Ian Hutchison, Swansea
What a good choice! I'd have Liam Gallagher and Gavin. I'd quite like to see Victoria Beckham trollied. I think she'd be quite funny. And James Nesbitt. I've met him quite a few times and he's really funny. And Lee Evans, yes! And Paul O'Grady.

How can you look so great? Paul, France
Oh, thanks! It must be all in the genes.

Where did you go to get the new hair cut? Hannah from Cardiff and many others
Gavin Alexander, Cardiff Bay.

Can I have your phone number? Martin, Cardiff

Do you wear glasses? Phil, London
I used to when I was younger, but now I've stopped. I fancied a pair of glasses when I was younger so I said: "I can't see the A!" And they gave me really strong glasses, but after six months I was getting chronic headaches.

We've heard you like your cheeky vimtos, but what food do you like to eat? Claire, Pembrokeshire
Chinese. Crispy duck, lettuce wraps, pork fried rice, vegetable spring rolls. I love Chinese food.

Any favourite Chinese restaurants in Cardiff?
Bar Orient, which is down the Bay. It's a dim sum restaurant and has a lush interior.

If I promised to pay, would you come with me to Paris on Friday night ? Mark Cutzio, Dinas Powys
No thanks. Not even if you pay. Thanks for the offer.

Ospreys playing the London Wasps
Church's favourite rugby team is the Ospreys

Do you like football, if so who do you support? Daniel, Manchester
I don't like football, but Gavin supports Manchester United so I suppose I would as well if I did. I support the Ospreys rugby team.

Who would you love to sing a duet with? Gav, Pontypridd
Phil Collins, Daniel Bedingfield, Prince or Sting.

What was the last CD you bought and where did you buy it? Samantha Wilson, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire
Daniel Bedingfield's Second First Impression. Probably from a service station, because I'm always up and down the M4

Your skin and make up always look great what products do you use? Claire Evans, Old Cwmbran Cymru
Mac body foundation C6.

Have you had any formal dance training? Geoff, Newport
I used to do loads of dancing when I was little - ballet, tap jazz, modern, all of it. I loved it. I used to go all day on a Saturday.

In the past couple of years the only dancing I've been doing - apart from videos and stuff - is in a club on a Saturday night.

Is dancing your second favourite thing after singing?
Quite possibly.

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