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John Travolta to step into JR's cowboy boots?
Rumours circulate as to who will play the leads in the forthcoming 'Dallas' film.

September 28 2005
Could this be the new JR Ewing?
Could this be the new JR Ewing?

Speculation is rife regarding who will star in Robert Luketic's big-screen adaptation of super-soap 'Dallas'.

Although production company New Regency are refusing to make any casting decisions until Sacha Gervasi delivers a rewrite of Robert Harling's script, Variety has nevertheless released a list of the front-runners.

The most high-profile role – that of super-villain JR Ewing – appears to be a four-way battle between box-office heavyweights John Travolta, Mel Gibson, Kevin Costner and Tommy Lee Jones.

As for Sue Ellen, the current favourite to play her is Catherine Zeta-Jones, although both Demi Moore and Jennifer Lopez aren't far behind in the pecking order.

Drew Barrymore and Reese Witherspoon are apparently eyeing up the role of Pamela, while youngster Lucy should (almost inevitably) be played by Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson or Mandy Moore.

Variety also claims that Matthew McConaughey and Owen Wilson are in talks to play Bobby Ewing, while Jane Fonda may well take on the role of family matriarch, Miss Ellie.

With production not due to start until late 2006, this is all bound to change, so when the final cast is eventually announced, rest assured Time Out will bring you all the details.

Chris Tilly

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