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30 September 2005
By Cameron Robertson

JOHN Travolta is being tipped to play JR Ewing in a £75million big-screen version of the hit TV soap Dallas.

The Hollywood favourite is at the head of the queue to take on the role made famous by Larry Hagman.

Jack Nicholson, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Jane Fonda are also believed to be ready to sign up for the slick oil drama.

And Mel Gibson, Kevin Costner and Tommy Lee Jones are being touted for the dastardly JR role.

A movie insider said: "Travolta is top of the list. He's reading the script and deciding if he can fill the big cowboy boots of JR.

"This film will be on the scale of western classic The Big Country, except in modern times."

Dallas was a worldwide smash from 1978-1991 and featured the biggest whodunnit in television history - Who Shot JR? - in 1980.

It spotlighted the wealthy Ewing family's feuds with rival Texas oil barons, including Cliff Barnes, who Nicholson is tipped to play.

Zeta-Jones is the leading candidate for JR's long-suffering wife Sue Ellen, originally played by Linda Gray.

And Matthew McConaughey is reportedly set to play Bobby Ewing.

Drew Barrymore or Reese Witherspoon are being lined up to play his wife Pamela,Victoria Principal in the TV show .

And Lindsay Lohan may play feisty Lucy,originally Charlene Tilton.

Fonda has been mentioned as family matriarch Miss Ellie and Kris Kristofferson is the fans' choice toplay daddy of them all Jock Ewing. Writer Robert Harlingand director Robert Luketic have already begun transforming the original 357 episodes into a big-screen drama.

Luketic, 31, has been sworn to secrecy. But he did reveal the film wouldn't be a spoof like the recent Dukes of Hazzard.He insisted: "This is actually a very sprawling, epic movie."

However, Hagman is on record as saying Bruce Willis "would be great" as JR.

He said: "He has a great sense of humour, he's manly and he's had enough women in his life

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