Catherine Zeta-Jones In “The Legend Of Zorro”

Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones Stars In The Long Awaited Sequel To “The Mask Of Zorro”

Sexy actress, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Hollywood hunk, Antonio Banderas are filming “The Legend of Zoro”, a sequel after 10 years-old success of “The Mask of Zorro”.

Jones promised fans they will be thrilled with the new movie and explained that the sequel appears so long after the first movie because both her and Antonia waited for the right sript.

Zeta-Jones explains: "Antonio and I always wanted to do another one. While we were promoting the first film, we agreed we had to do a second. It was always on the cards but it had to be right.

There have been a few incarnations in the script. And though it took seven years, when I read this one, I didn't think twice. It was a slam-dunk."

Catherina became really famous after having leading roles in two movies, “The Mask of Zorro” (1998) with Antonio Banderas and “Entrapment” (1999) with Sean Connery. It is said that she gained the role in Zorro after Steven Spielberg saw her performance in the Lifetime Television event of Titanic, also starring Tim Curry and Peter Gallagher. She won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for the movie “Chicago” in 2003.

Posted at 07:51:50 EST (GMT -0500), Saturday October 8th, 2005
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