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Antonio and Catherine team up again
Antonio and Catherine team up again

Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have joined forces again at the premiere of The Legend of Zorro in LA.

Spanish actor Antonio Banderas said donning the famous mask again and stepping back into the role - seven years after The Mask of Zorro - made him very emotional.

He said: "I almost cried, it was an emotional moment. I like this guy, he's way better then me."

Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones co-stars with Banderas again, under the orders of Director Martin Campbell and executive producer, Steven Spielberg.

Asked what audiences can expect from this swashbuckling sequel, Catherine said: "All the romance and the action and humour of the first but I think that envelope has been pushed.

"The humour is much more. This is a movie I can take my son to and my Granny to. They do not make them these days like that. This day and age I think we need good family morals and all that stuff. "

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