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Banderas and Zeta-Jones at LA premiere of Zorro 2
10/17/2005 - 18:20

Banderas and Zeta-Jones at LA premiere of Zorro 2

The latest instalment of Zorro is part domestic drama, featuring contemporary modern relationship issues.

It was a red-hot red carpet with Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones at the Los Angeles premiere of the swashbuckling sequel, 'The Legend of Zorro,' on Sunday night.

The red carpet sizzled with the letter "Z" in flames as a Banderas look-a-like kept the fans, which lined the bleachers, entertained until the two headliners showed up.

Arriving with wife Melanie Griffith and family, Banderas posed for photographers and spoke to each reporter, while co-star Zeta-Jones wowed the crowd with her statuesque commanding appearance and looked beautiful in a beige lace Dolce & Gabbana gown.

The latest instalment of Zorro is part domestic drama, featuring contemporary modern relationship issues. Once again reprising her role as Zorro's wife Elena, Zeta-Jones wants her movie husband to give up his secret escapades and live a normal life with her. When he hesitates, it threatens to tear them apart.

Banderas says these problems pave the way for comedy in the film. "Well we have family problems and 10 years pass from the time That we finished the first one and it's quite a dysfunctional family. He's having problems of communication with his son and he's wife and he's going to pay a high price for that And it's going to allow me to go straight into the tequila mood and do a little bit of comedy, which is needed in our days."

Sword fighting a little like riding a bike

Banderas says he still loves this character and calls it a "classic" because he gets to be a hero and anti-hero at the same time.

As for training with the swords did he have to start all over again? He said: "Sword fighting is a little bit like riding a bicycle. Once you've learned it, you don't forget that. Basically, what we do is learn all the choreography knowing at the same time that we have swords in our hands that are potentially dangerous and when you're working with those things for 14 hours, people start getting out of focus and the swords start going everywhere and in the eyes, so it's fun and it's not fun."

Even though the action was tough, Zeta-Jones says she did have down time and kept busy. One of Hollywood's hottest sex symbols, the Welsh-born actress says she gets quite homely when left to her own devices.

Zeta-Jones spends her time, "knitting and embroidering, yah. I love to read and I hate being on a set, and I hate, I'm not the kind of person who can go and sleep in the trailer. I need to keep on edge and if I read a book I get lost in that character so when I got to work I go, who am I?"

'The Legend of Zorro' goes on international release on October 28.
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