Catherine takes to the red carpet with Spain's hottest actor. It's a very important film for me and it's very close to my heart," she said
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Antonio with wife Melanie Griffith, their daughter Stella and his stepchildren Dakota and Alexander
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17 OCTOBER 2005

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Mexico's favourite masked hero rode north to Tinseltown at the weekend. Spanish heart-throb Antonio Banderas and Welsh rose Catherine Zeta-Jones were both in attendance when The Legend Of Zorro was premiered in downtown Los Angeles.

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The British actress, who shot to fame in the US after starring in The Mask Of Zorro eight years ago, said the long-awaited sequel was especially significant for her. Looking characteristically glamorous in a gold gown which evoked something of her on-screen persona, the 36-year-old recalled how the first film brought her together with hubby Michael Douglas.

"This film holds a lot of meaning for me, both professionally and personally;" she revealed. "I actually met my husband when I was promoting the film in Deauville, France, and it was such an amazing experience for me. It's a very important film for me and it's very close to my heart."

Antonio, who was accompanied by wife Melanie Griffith and their daughter Stella, meanwhile confessed that, at 44, filming some of the swashbuckling stunts wasn't quite so easy this time around. "This movie hurts a little bit when you're doing it," he said. "But it doesn't matter when you go to the theatre and you see the people laughing and having a great time."

The hunky actor had plenty of moral support on hand as his stepchildren Alexander and Dakota also came along to the screening. And British thesp Rufus Sewell, who plays the villainous Armand, was likewise enjoying the applause of movie fans outside the glitzy event.






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