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"Show me the end positions of LullabyÖ" enjoins the choreographer, sounding suspiciously satisfied despite his directive to begin afresh at the end.

And with ample reason. His troupe of performers is a motley crew of hyper-skilled, maniacally endowed dancers and danseuses: blonde, brunette, Brit, American, tall, short - a veritable broad spectrum of Broadway fetishists.

"They're international ambassadors of entertainment," says exec producer David King. "And they're absolutely thrilled to be in India."

The Spirit of Broadway kicks off, pun intended, in Mumbai on Wednesday after a lavish run all over the world: 20 countries, an audience of 15 million. "DNA and Tata really wanted this to happen, and they haven't spared any expense to make it amazing," King says.

"Since we don't carry the physical production around the world, they've built it from scratch and done a wonderful job. Usually I don't travel to other countries but when I heard India was next, I immediately put myself on the list."

Last-minute flourishes, streaks, airbrushing, modifications, a mere 24 hours before the first show. The fab twenty-four perform 'Lullaby of Broadway' (from 42nd Street), 'Hello Dolly' (Hello Dolly), 'This is the Moment' (Jekyll and Hyde), 'Cabaret' (Cabaret) seamlessly, with barely a hitch or blemish. It's obvious that years and years of rehearsal lurks behind every move, yet their expressions and physical intonations seem soaked in spontaneity, artlessness.

If you thought Catherine Zeta-Jones was a wonder in 'Chicago', watch Zeta, the lead female vocalist, launch into a sassy, magnificently uninhibited version of 'Hello Dolly'. The intervals between every song are punctuated with the good-natured nattering between the players, their guffawing, cigarette breaks.