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Zeta-Jones will try to fill Turner's sweater in biopic

October 20, 2005


Break out the Clairol.

Catherine Zeta-Jones confirms to GLARE that she's definitely going to play sultry screen legend Lana Turner in a big-screen biopic called "Stompanato."

So we asked: Is Sharon Stone (who supposedly coveted the role for years -- and is already blond) a little ticked off at her? Is Sharon getting out her ice pick?

Zeta-Jones adopts a petulant voice. "Guess what?" she poses. "I really really wanted to do 'Basic Instinct 2!' "

She'll have to settle for the sultry Turner, whose basic instinct was to date a mob guy named Johnny Stompanato, who was then knifed in the Turner home by her daughter -- at least, that's the official story. Many still think Turner did the slice-and-dice work on her lover.

Who will play Johnny? "Keanu Reeves is still on to do it," Zeta-Jones says. "I think he'll be great."

Meanwhile, Zeta-Jones says she always wanted to play Turner. "It's just a great, great role," she says, admitting she's also a bit nervous about it. "I've got it in my head that the studio will turn around halfway through filming and go, 'She doesn't look like her!' "

The film will be directed by Adrian Lyne ("Fatal Attraction," "Unfaithful"). Zeta-Jones says the role of daughter Cheryl hasn't been cast.

Zeta-Jones is not only watching all of Turner's old movies, she has a secret weapon in the research department -- and he often sits across from her for Sunday dinners at the Douglas pad.

"My father-in-law, Kirk Douglas, is going to be my research engine," she says. "He's my Google when it comes to Lana Turner." (Douglas starred with Turner in the 1952 film "The Bad and the Beautiful.")

Zeta-Jones says they won't shy away from the rougher bedroom scenes that reportedly were part of the Turner-Stompanato heat fest. "It will make for some great screen moments," she purrs.

Meanwhile, Zeta-Jones locks lips with Antonio Banderas in "The Legend of Zorro," due out Oct. 28.

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