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SNL: Catherine Zeta-Jones/Franz Ferdinand

snlLast night's episode of Saturday Night Live was alright (Catherine Zeta-Jones; Franz Ferdinand). Catherine did a little musical number during her opening monologue about how they can't take her Oscar away even if she screws up -- which she almost did when she ripped off her dress to reveal a skimpy leotard thingy and didn't throw it aside correctly (she made the funniest face though). Y'know, she could've kept that dress on to do the following tap dance but noooo. She just had to rub it in everyone's faces that she was a mother and still had a banging body.

There weren't that many stand-out sketches, so I'm having a bit of a struggle digging through my late-night memory... I'll do my best.

I remember there was one sketch about an on-location reporter (Catherine) looking worse and worse because supplies like make-up and tweezers weren't getting to her. It lasted a little too long and just ran off the joke of "look at the Hollywood goddess getting butt-ugly! HA!" Darrell Hammond played the news anchor (Aaron Brown?... I can't remember. He played an anchor twice.) and, seriously, SNL's neglecting this man. Hammond's an amazing player and yet they keep throwing him in as anchors or one-line waiters. I'll spare you the rest of this rant.

The sketch after this made me think for a split second that it was going to be a parody of Chicago, because Catherine had the Velma Kelly bob-wig on and it was all about dancers. The sketch made fun of the artsy types that hang around in black, doing everything with jazz hands and single-word low whispers. I chuckled out loud a few times (Andy Samberg: "Jazz!"; Horatio Sanz: "Salsa!") but that's about it.

There were a load of other skits where Catherine showed off her dialect range (Italian, French, American, and Spanish, I think) and musical range (she sang once more after her monologue, but it sounded funny because of her faux American accent) rather than character range (she was always the outrageously beautiful woman). Can't remember much else after this other than the wedding skit where Will Forte, as the groom, got to spank Catherine. Overall, Catherine didn't do badly at all. It was the writing that was kind of iffy (again).

Tina Fey was back on Weekend Update, and some sort of order was restored. I still don't like Fey though... something about her irks me. I don't like to think too much about it because it makes my head hurt. Anyway, Franz Ferdinand rocked the house with their new single "Do You Want To?" and then "Take Me Out" (which was weird, because I was expecting a song from the new album). Next week is Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow. Um... that's about it. I'm still waiting for an outstanding episode to restore my faith in SNL.
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1. I have been a fan of SNL since the first episode. There have been ups & downs over the years, but after all these years, SNL has reached an alltime low:

Since when is cancer funny? I hope those writers or actors in that skit or any of their family members don't end up with any form of cancer in the future....including colon cancer.....unbelivable! I wonder if another NBCer Katie Couric (Whose husband died of colon cancer)saw this tasteless episode. Cancer is nothing to joke about.

Posted at 10:10 PM ET on Oct 23, 2005 by Lori 0 stars

2. My take...

Cold Opening - Completely UN-Staged Discussion with Troops
I liked how Rachel was mouthing along with Jason when he was answering the Prez. It was funny how they switched out Finesse for Kenan when he didn't want to follow the scripted response.

Monologue - They Can't Take My Oscar Away
Funny little goof with the dress. Is she that uninteresting that they can't find anything else to parody? At least she can sing and dance at the same time.

Ad for Butt Cancer
I understand that people would take offense to it. I didn't, but I also found it boring. This is sketch #2 with Jason. It won't be the last time we see him.

NewsNight with Aaron Brown
Funny bit with CZJ as a field reporter Suzanne Carbonal travelling without a mirror. I guess the mob throwing hairbrushes and tubes of lipstick at her didn't register anything.

Artsy Dancer Party
I found it funny with how they all turned such mundane acts into such jazzy performances. Poor Kenan though. His hand move didn't really work since he was so big and he was wearing white gloves.

Weekend Update
Loved having Tina back. I thought that Jimmy should have filled in for her for those two weeks. Great news about Maya. Jason's third appearance tonight wasn't funny. Fred as the blind comedian was pretty funny, especially when there was a nice shot of the message on his ear muffs. Amy's solo high-five was nice.

Italian Villa
Great performances by CZJ and Bill Hader. Wait, who's that? It's Jason Sudeikis again!

Access Hollywood
Sharon Stone again? I love Amy's impression of her, but do we need to see her again so soon? The bit with the celebrity song would've been funnier if it weren't for the annoying Billy Bush (from Seth) and Nick Carter (from Jason again!). Sticking Kenan in a dress always equals laughs.

French Teacher
Nothing truly outstanding about this sketch.

The Wedding Singers
Lucky bastard. How did they get CZJ to agree to let Will spank her? Oh, and surprise surprise! It's Jason as the priest. The Morgan Stanley commercial again? Are they that desperate?

The Producers
Rachel as the cole slaw chewing producer is funny, but doesn't she look like a cross between the Six Flags dancing geezer and that old woman from the earlier-era Old Navy commercials with Morgan Fairchild (not Morgan herself, but the woman with the giant specs and hair)?

Overall, it was a alright episode. There were some standout moments, but nothing memorable. My big problem with this season is that the amount of screen time that the Feature Players are getting is more than what the Main Cast is getting (sans Amy). It might be due to Andy's friends from The Lonely Island comedy troupe are on the Writing Team, but hopefully Tina being back will change all of that. I'm not pleased when they only need Darrel when there's a reporter to impersonate.

Posted at 12:01 AM ET on Oct 24, 2005 by orimental 5 stars

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