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Rugby Comedy for Mrs. Douglas

In what seems like a bit of Valley-nostalgia creeping in to the Hollywood world of Catherine Zeta Jones, the actress has decided to produce a new comedy about a gay rugby club boss.

Harking back to her childhood in Swansea which was spent among a bevvy of rugger buggers, she has teamed up with her brother David, who runs movie studio Initial Entertainment, to tell the story of a homosexual actor who takes over a sloppy bunch of maverick rugby players.

The new comedy is going to be called Coming Out and it is being developed from nothing more simple that Catherine and her brother sitting around and reminiscing about Wales.

Quoted on celebrity website, she claimed that "it's about this guy who is in musical theatre, who is from a little town in Wales and he goes to London, like I did, to pursue musical theatre as a teenager and he's gay.

"His father dies and leaves him the local rugby club in his will. He's doing West Side Story and has to go back home and get all these fat, drinking, smoking Welsh guys into shape to win the rugby tournament."

whether this will translate back in her second home of Hollywood remains to be seen. Perhaps she can get hubby Michael Douglas to star as part of the squad, maybe in the front row; as a reformed sex addict, it probably won't be the first time he's been withing spitting distance of a hooker...

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