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Catherine Zeta-Jones and Antonio Banderas star in "The Legend of Zorro"
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Catherine Zeta-Jones and Antonio Banderas star in "The Legend of Zorro"
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Interview with Catherine Zeta-Jones at the LA Premiere of "The Legend of Zorro"

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Catherine Zeta-Jones Heats Up the Red Carpet at "The Legend of Zorro" Premiere

As if the Los Angeles premiere of "The Legend of Zorro" wasn't hot enough - the flaming 'Z' set up on the red carpet looked awesome but raised the temperature to an almost uncomfortable level - Catherine Zeta-Jones further upped the heat as she made her way down the red carpet set up outside LA's Orpheum Theater. Zeta-Jones looked absolutely stunning at the star-studded event and she's one of those rare actresses who, if you can believe it, actually appears more beautiful in person than in films.

Sans husband Michael Douglas who was in Hawaii during "The Legend of Zorro" premiere, Catherine Zeta-Jones joked kow the heat from the 'Z' fire made all the effort she put into doing her hair that morning a waste. Despite hair issues, Zeta-Jones spent plenty of time answering questions from the media before taking in the special screening of "The Legend of Zorro" with co-star Antonio Banderas.

Catherine Zeta-Jones on Revisiting Her Character Elena from "The Mask of Zorro:" "It was easy because I love this character so much and she’s been with me for nine years since we shot it, you know? I just grew into her more really on this one. We pushed the envelope on the comedy and the action and I just had a ball. It’s a character and a movie that’s really close to my heart professionally and personally."

Catherine Zeta-Jones on Getting Into Fighting Shape: "Just working out and doing the sword play was enough to get you into shape, I can tell you that. With corsets and everything, you know?

I was like I’d never done this before. I practiced for months with my sneakers and my sweatpants on. I’ve done it in a movie like this before and I forgot about the corset, the two petticoats, the skirt, the hair, the make-up, the boots, the stockings that kept falling down. It was a bit of a nightmare to start off, but we had three days to shoot it with all the different angles so it was okay."

Catherine Zeta-Jones on Her "The Legend of Zorro" Co-Star Antonio Banderas: "I wish I could do more with him but we’re so synonymously linked now with Elena and Zorro, I think. Maybe we’ll do something on stage."

Catherine Zeta-Jones on the Possibility of a "Zorro 3:" "As long as it’s not in 7 years time, I’ll consider it."

Catherine Zeta-Jones on the Stunts in "The Legend of Zorro:" "I did them all except for when she’s swinging from the train. The insurance wouldn’t let me and I didn’t want to do it anyway."

On the Onscreen Love/Hate Relationship Between Her Character and Antonio Banderas': "It really is like we can’t live with each other and can’t live without each other. I think that was what makes them so exciting to watch."

Beware of Catherine Zeta-Jones in the Kitchen: Zeta-Jones joked about hubby Michael Douglas' newfound respect for her since working on "The Legend of Zorro." "Since he’s seen me doing the new sword fight in 'Zorro,' he’s always a bit scared of me in the kitchen. So are my kids who saw me with a sword. (Laughing) It’s like, 'Don’t mess with momma when she has a knife in her hand.'”

"The Legend of Zorro" Premiere Video - Play the Video

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