Zorro burns up the red carpet 10-24-2005 12:21

The carpet was red-hot as Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones turned up at last week's Los Angeles premiere of the swashbuckling sequel, "The Legend of Zorro".

The latest installment of Zorro is part domestic drama, featuring contemporary modern relationship issues. Once again Zeta-Jones plays Zorro's wife, Elena. She wants her husband to give up his secret escapades and live a normal life with her. When he hesitates, it threatens to tear them apart.

Banderas says he still loves this character, and calls it a "classic" because he gets to be a hero and villain at the same time.

He also received sword training for his part. He said sword fighting is a little bit like riding a bicycle. Once you've learned it, you don't forget it.

One of Hollywood's hottest sex symbols, the Welsh-born Catherine Zeta-Jones says she prefers less violent activities. She says she gets quite homely when left to her own devices, and enjoys knitting and embroidering in her free time.

"The Legend of Zorro" goes on international release on October 28.

Editor:Chen Zhuo

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