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Monday, Oct 24, 2005
Health  XML
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Posted on Mon, Oct. 24, 2005
  R E L A T E D   C O N T E N T 
Fencing sculpted Catherine Zeta-Jones' shape.
Fencing sculpted Catherine Zeta-Jones' shape.
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Do I Look Fat?

Celebrity workout Catherine Zeta-Jones

To get into sword-fighting shape for her lead role in the upcoming movie The Legend of Zorro, Catherine Zeta-Jones worked out with fencing pro Mark Ivie two to five times a week while on location in Mexico.

Legendary legs: The en garde position -- the foundation of fencing -- helped Zeta-Jones sculpt every inch of her lower body. Similar to a lunge while advancing forward, it's a great way to work the thighs and glutes.

Star shoulders: Holding a 2-pound sword while performing lunges and squats makes for a sleek upper body.

Great glutes: Zeta-Jones' favorite moves were attacks, where she lunged toward her opponent and struck with her sword -- which really targeted her backside.

Keeping cool: Fencers burn nearly 500 calories an hour and work up a good sweat. To stay hydrated and energized, Ivie recommended that Zeta-Jones drink water with Emergen-C, an electrolyte blend.

-- Fitness

Drink this/not that

Choc up the calories

Godiva Chocolate Liqueur

(1 to 2 ounces over ice)

45 calories per ounce

Chocolate martini

(Vodka, chocolate liqueur, cream, dark crème de cacao, 4 to 6.5 ounces)

More than 60 calories per ounce

-- Diet Detective

Home workout

Hey, all you Beyonce and J. Lo wannabes!

Crunch Cardio Dance Blast is the most fun we've had in front of the TV in a long time.

Unlike most workout DVDs that incorporate "dance-fitness" moves, this one is packed with fun, funky moves that you actually see in trendy nightclubs and on music videos. (You get plenty of practice, for example, performing Beyonce's signature pelvic shake, with the perky instructor commanding you to "crack that booty" over and over.)

The new 35-minute workout is all cardio, and even the warm-up and cool-downs use dance moves. It might take you a few tries to get the moves down and remember them in sequence. And some moves require pivoting that's hard to do in tennis shoes on carpet.

But whether you want to burn calories or just look like less of a dork on the dance floor, pop this workout into your DVD player and pretend you're onstage.

Crunch Cardio Dance Blast

Anchor Bay, $14.98

-- Stephanie Allmon

Get in step with a pal to exercise with

Want an exercise buddy?

Check out Launched last January, it's a free site that allows members to find local friends to exercise with in the sport or fitness activity of their choice. It matches people with similar skill levels and workout schedules, too. also allows teams to register to find other teams to play with and offers free fitness, diet and health advice from experts in their respective fields. It was recently ranked the sixth most popular health and fitness Web site based on statistics from www., an company.

-- Wire reports

Healthy digits

You hear it all the time -- losing weight will help you lower your cholesterol. But how low should it be? Clip this guide and post it on your fridge in case temptation hits.

LDL Cholesterol (mg/dL):

Less than 100: Optimal

100-129: Near optimal

130-159: Borderline high

160-189: High

190 or higher: Very high

Total Blood Cholesterol (mg/dL):

Less than 200: Desirable

200-239: Borderline high

240 or higher: High

HDL Cholesterol (mg/dL):

Less than 40: Low (undesirable)

60 or higher: High (considered protective against heart disease)

Triglycerides (mg/dL):

Less than 150: Normal

150-199: Borderline high

200-499: High

500 or higher: Very high

-- Diet Detective

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