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We could teach her a thing or two
It says something when you turn to your husband for a quick history lesson. Not just because you're clueless, but because he remembers events first hand.

Catherine Zeta Jones has apparently been swotting up for a new film role about a 1950s Hollywood gangster scandal by getting lessons from hubby Michael Douglas.

The flick focuses on the murder of infamous bad 'un Johnny Stompanato at the hands of Crane, who's the daughter of the Welsh wench's sexy character, Lana Turner.

"I'm fascinated about when my father-in-law (Kirk Douglas) tells all these stories because he was right there. My husband (Michael Douglas) was actually right there too when all that stuff went down because he went to school with Lana's daughter Crane," Catherine tells

"The stories are just unbelievable - all about going over to Frank Sinatra's house and in walks Lana and there's Ava Gardner. It's just like living a movie when you listen to them."

A very old black and white crackly one.

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