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Catherine Zeta-Jones Has Lost Her Voice
Category: SOFTPEDIA NEWS :: Entertainment

  While promoting The Legend of Zorro, she found herself speechless one morning
By: Simona Gherman, Entertainment Editor

While promoting her new movie The Legend of Zorro, the beautiful actress woke up one morning speechless. Because of the traveling and all the hard work, her voice had gone off.

"(I've had) one of the busiest weeks for the last few months and I just woke up and it went.
"I was traveling to Europe and promoting Zorro and then I started talking, talking, talking for
days. Then I woke up the other day - nothing. It was terrifying," she declared.

After a couple of day's rest, Catherine could speak again. And, with a sense of humor, she confessed that she liked her new voice better:
"It's a cross between Demi Moore and Kathleen Turner. I'd like it to stay like this, as long as it wasn't ruining my voice."

Catherine Zeta Jones, chosen in 1998 one of the Most Beautiful People in the world by People magazine, married Michael Douglas in November 2000. They have two children: a son, Dylan Michael (5), and a daughter, Carys Zeta Douglas (2).

Her upcoming projects include “Stompanato”(2007), a retelling of the scandalous murder of thug and wannabe actor Johnny Stompanato by Lana Turner's young daughter, Crane, and “Mostly Martha”, under the direction of Scott Hicks, due to start filming in January next year.


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