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Cold feet ... Madonna with hubby Guy Ritchie / AP
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WE'VE mined our bevvy of wire services and newspapers for these sparkling gems of gossip. Enjoy!

  • MADONNA has revealed she seriously considered dumping husband Guy Ritchie when he failed to meet her high expectations. "I got married for all the wrong reasons," said Madonna, who wed the British director in 2000. "My husband did not turn out to be everything I imagined him to be. I just wanted to end everything. It's not easy having a good marriage, but I don't want it easy. I thank God every day that I married a man who made me think. That's my definition of true love." Madonna has also poked fun at herself.

  • TOM Cruise has reportedly splashed out on a new house close to his future in-laws. He dug deep to buy a three-storey mansion in Ottawa Hills, a suburb of Toledo, Ohio, close to Katie Holmes' mum and dad, London's Daily Mirror reports. "Maybe the next thing is they'll get married here and have the baby here, too," Holmes' aunt, Carol Zydorczyk, said.

  • ELLE Macpherson is reportedly back in the dating game, with rumours she is stepping out with English soccer ace Sol Campbell. The 31-year-old Arsenal star and Macpherson, 41, were spied on a double date at a restaurant in London's Ladbroke Grove, The Sunday Mirror reports. "Sol and Elle have become very close in recent weeks. He has been a real rock to her," a friend told the paper. "They are determined to take things slowly but get on so brilliantly."

  • GWYNETH Paltrow is reportedly thinking about returning home to the US. The glamorous leading lady fell in love with London when she started dating Coldplay frontman Chris Martin in 2002, but enough, it appears, is enough. "The street is filthy (here)," she said. "Also, the customer service is rubbish in England. People are much more relaxed and things take forever to get done. It drives me nuts."And I miss being able to get anything at any time of day. You can't do that there (in London)."

  • WHILE Paltrow considers a shift Stateside, Mariah Carey is reportedly preparing for her move the other way. "Dahling, I won't stop working on my accent until it's perfect," Carey, who is planning to move to the UK, told London's Daily Mirror. "I do this thing where I call my friends in my English accent to see if they can tell who I am. It's so funny when it works, but I can only do it once, as all my friends have caught on."

  • CATHERINE Zeta-Jones might look cool on the outside, but the screen beauty goes through a lot just to get on to the stage. "I never whistle in my dressing room and I never pass the salt at a restaurant," she said. "I could go on for days about my superstitions. I'm surprised I ever got on the stage."

  • FORGET any talk you might have heard about Beyonce and Jay-Z expecting. "She's about to start shooting Dreamgirls," a friend of the couple said. "How would she fit into those tight gowns?"

  • NICOLE Richie, the socialite-turned-TV star-turned ex-friend of Paris Hilton, has plans for quite a brood in the future. "I'd like to have five (children)," she said."In a perfect world, I'd have three girls and twin boys."

  • NATALIE Portman has revealed she wet herself at the Oscars because she was so nervous. The Star Wars stunner was shocked when her portrayal of a stripper in Closer was shortlisted for Best Supporting Actress. "I think I peed myself a little bit," she told Glamour magazine. "I kept thinking, I don't want to go up, I don't want to have to stand there onstage." Portman lost to Cate Blanchett.

  • KEIRA Knightley wants to have a clause written into her movie contracts to ensure she always gets a snog with her leading man. The actor is working on the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels alongside Johnny Depp, but doesn't get to kiss him. "In five years time I'll be like, 'I'm sorry, I need to be guaranteed a snog with my leading man. Write it into my contract'," Knightley told Company magazine.

  • FORMER Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has fuelled reports she and husband David are converting to Scientology. The Beckhams struck up a friendship with superstar Scientologist Tom Cruise last year, leading to newspaper reports the Minority Report star was grooming them as converts. During her trip to Los Angeles last week, Beckham was photographed reading Assists For Illnesses And Injuries, based on the works of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. She also watched a fashion show with Cruise's pregnant fiancee Katie Holmes.

  • TONY Adams, who produced many Blake Edwards films, including six Pink Panther movies and the screen and stage versions of Victor/Victoria, has died at 52, after a stroke on Saturday, at England's Beth Israel Hospital.

  • COULD there be trouble in paradise for singer Joss Stone and her producer boyfriend Beau Dozier? The 18-year-old played a gig in Miami last week not wearing the "promise ring" that Dozier, 25, gave her, according to London's The Sun.

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