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Updated, Tuesday, 25 Oct 2005 12:25 GMT+1 Entertainment News - Screen and Stage

Zeta-Jones hooks in Church's Henson

Tuesday, 25 Oct 2005 10:22
Zeta-Jones: rugger-mad
Zeta-Jones: rugger-mad

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Hollywood sex symbol, Catherine Zeta-Jones, has announced that she is producing a film about a Welsh rugby team, and it will feature the chiselled talents of Charlotte Church's boyfriend, Gavin Henson.

Zeta-Jones, always keen to highlight her Valley roots, is working on a movie called Coming Out, which will see a gay chap from a small Welsh village – sounding familiar – up sticks and head to London to perform in musicals.

However, when his rugby-mad dad dies, he leaves him the local rugby club in his will – and it's up to him to return to the village and train up the wheezing, unfit team into a group of barn-storming winners.

Zeta-Jones said: "He's doing West Side Story and has to go back home to get these fat, drinking, smoking Welsh guys into shape to win the rugby tournament."

The film will feature Gavin Henson playing himself on the opposing side.

She added: "I grew up among rugby fanatics - the film is very close to my heart."

The movie will also be very close to home, too – it is being filmed in Llanelli, which is just ten miles away from Catherine ZJ's hometown of Swansea.

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