Chatherine Zeta Jones

Chatherine Zeta Jones

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It's good to hear that despite all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, Catherine Zeta-Jones is still a girl from the valleys at heart.

And she hasn't forgotten her countrymen either - she's invited Welsh rugby star Gavin Henson, boyfriend of Charlotte Church, to appear in a film with her.

But rather than being the star of the film, Catherine is producing... although she will make an appearance at some point.

Coming Out tells the story of a struggling local rugby club in Wales and Gavin, 23, will make a guest appearance as himself.

CJZ said: "I grew up among rugby fanatics - the film is very close to my heart.

"It's about a gay teenager from a little town in Wales who goes to London to pursue musical theatre.

"His father dies and leaves him the local rugby club in his will.

"He's doing West Side Story and has to go back home to get these fat, drinking, smoking Welsh guys into shape to win the rugby tournament."

Welsh rugby union hotshot Gavin will play a member of the opposition team - which seems a tad unfair on the locals.

And the film will be shot in Llanelli, just 10 miles from Catherine's home town, Swansea.

We're sure there'll be a welcome in the hillside from Gavin and Charlotte.

Last Updated: 11:51 UK, Tuesday October 25, 2005