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Catherine Zeta-Jones: Swashbuckling Siren
October 25, 2005 by Lynn Barker
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As Velma in Chicago
Credit: Miramax
Let’s face it, whether in a TV commercial for a cellphone company or on the big screen, this is one gorgeous woman. For our meeting in Beverly Hills, Catherine, who has a deep tan, wore a totally perfect black Narcisso Rodriguez dress with prim white collar and a silver art deco necklace. She was sipping on a glass of water and apologizing for her throaty, sexy broken voice. “Excuse me, I sound like a cross between Demi Moore, Kathleen Turner and a truck driver. This is an ongoing kind of allergy thing and I took some medication, thinking it would help and it just dried me up like nothing. I could hardly blink. I thought ‘god, give me back my runny eyes. I'd rather have runny eyes than not being able to blink or swallow’”.

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