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Catherine Zeta-Jones: Swashbuckling Siren
October 25, 2005 by Lynn Barker
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TeenHollywood: Is Michael a better cook?

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Catherine: No, but he's really good at making dinner reservations, and that's fine by me.

TeenHollywood: Tell us more about almost burning the apartment down.

Catherine: You know, when you first get married it's like [flutters her eyelashes] ‘I'm going to cook’ . . . No I'm not! This is a true story. I did actually burn a pan. It wasn't on fire but it was smoking, and I got a little scared, and right next to our stove was a big old fire extinguisher, you know, easy access. But, no, I run to the other side of the apartment, get Michael and say, ‘we have a problem in the kitchen’. He says, honey, the first thing you learn is like — fire? — Fire extinguisher! Fire extinguisher! Fire! [she makes noise like fire extinguisher]. I just freaked out. That was the first and last time I ever cooked. I can microwave chicken Mcnuggets. The ironic thing is, in my next movie I'm playing a chef in Mostly Martha, so when you see me at the next junket, I'm going to be giving you recipes and my tricks of the trade.

TeenHollywood: And I could use them. So many movie couples break up. What is your secret to a happy, lasting marriage?

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