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Catherine Zeta-Jones: Swashbuckling Siren
October 25, 2005 by Lynn Barker
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TeenHollywood: What is Michael up to?

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Catherine: He's working right now, actually. He's doing a movie in Hawaii, I can't remember the name, with Owen Wilson. (And) he just finished The Sentinel in Toronto. He produces a lot. He doesn't stop. I just wonder where he gets his energy from. If he's not acting he's on the phone producing and all of that stuff.

TeenHollywood: You two have several homes. Why not one in L.A.?

With Sean Connery in Entrapment
Credit: 20 Century Fox
I don't like it. People just think we're the Hollywood couple but Michael never really lived here. He grew up on the East Coast with his mom, came down obviously to see his dad [Kirk Douglas] , and then when he was married to his first wife, they lived in Santa Barbara and New York, so he's really like an East Coast person. Bermuda is where we spend most of our time. And for me, I came from Wales. I came here and within a few months I did “Titanic” [the TV movie]. I was in Canada. I got the first Zorro, so I was in Mexico for six months. I came back, bought a house, lived in it for three nights, went to London to shoot Entrapment with Sean [Connery], came back, promoted Zorro, met my husband and sold my house. I never really lived here either, you know. So I haven't got any firm roots here.

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