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Catherine Zeta-Jones: Swashbuckling Siren
October 25, 2005 by Lynn Barker
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TeenHollywood: Charlotte Church is Welsh like you. She may be going into movies. Any advice for her?

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Catherine: Fabulous. Voice of an angel. Really pretty amazing singer. Well, she's going to have to disguise her accent, because there's not many movies for Welsh girls. That was one of my biggest problems when I first started wanting to act. It was ‘oh darling you'll have to lose the accent’. When I used to go to auditions, I had a very strong Welsh accent to the point that when I speak to my mother on the phone now, I go back to my strong Welsh accent, Michael thinks I'm speaking Welsh which is a completely different matter. He says: ‘that's a beautiful language, you should speak it’. (I say) I'm speaking English for god's sake.

TeenHollywood: Young girls and teens want to know. Does someone as beautiful as you ever have insecurities when you look in the mirror?

Catherine: Of course! Of course. Come on, hair, makeup, all that stuff, I make the most of myself. You should have seen me this morning. You should see me taking my kids to school. I have a baseball cap on.Why am I hiding? Nobody's going to recognize me anyway.

TeenHollywood: When you filmed the first Zorro, I guess no one in Mexico knew you. Now, it’s got to be a whole different story.

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