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Catherine Zeta-Jones: Swashbuckling Siren
October 25, 2005 by Lynn Barker
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Cathrine: I'm terrified constantly that they're going to fall, going to trip and my daughter is going to cut her chin, my son's going to knock his teeth out. I just [had to learn] that kids are kids, and they’re not made of glass and they're gonna get cuts and bruises and things like that.

TeenHollywood: The character of Elena is a great model for young girls in that she’s not a victim and fights beside her man. In light of raising your daughter, was it important for you to play a role like that?

Credit: Sony Pictures
Oh sure, I can't wait for her to see it. I mean, God knows, I don't like having dolls made of me, but I can't wait to buy her a Zorro and Elena doll. She's been coming with me in the mornings to go swimming here at the hotel. Every time she sees the posters [from the film, set up in the halls] it's ‘Mama! It’s Zorro’! [she makes the whoosh, whoosh, whoosh mark of the “Z” sound]. She wants to go to work. ‘Me work! Zorro’! She’s two and a half. ‘Me, work, you Zorro’. It’s so cute I can’t bear it.

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