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Catherine Zeta Jones in Action in The Legend of Zorro
Photo provided by Columbia Pictures

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Catherine Zeta Jones in Action in The Legend of Zorro
Photo provided by Columbia Pictures


Sword Fights of The Legend of Zorro - Catherine Zeta-Jones Hurts People

Legend of Zorro Movie Profile

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Catherine Zeta-Jones on Getting Physical in The Legend of Zorro: “I wasn't expecting for it, but I was hoping for it. I never had done it till I went down [to Mexico] for the first one.”

Catherine Zeta-Jones on Re-learning Sword Training for Legend of Zorro: “I had very little time in between finishing Ocean’s 12 and going down to Mexico and they'd been shooting for a few weeks before, and I was really kind of nervous because I remembered on the first one we'd had like three weeks of Zorro boot camp. Every day we were practicing, and I thought, ‘My god, imagine if my sword fight is in the second week of shooting.’ At that point, I didn't know the schedule off hand so it kind of came back. It really did.”

Antonio Banderas on Sword Fighting in The Legend of Zorro: “I didn't practice the English [style] very much for seven years in the middle. I didn't have an intruder in the house. But what we did for the second part is just to refresh everything that we learned the first time. Somehow, sword fighting or fencing in general is like riding bicycles. Once you know you never forget, but there's new choreography. It's like a dance with an edge. The edge is very dangerous when you're carrying a real sword in your hand. Once in a while it's potentially dangerous.”

Catherine Zeta-Jones on the Dance of Sword Choreography: “I treated it like choreography, like dancing — and a one and a two and a three and a four and a five and turn and down and up — so it kind of came back to me. It's a great exercise. I love it. After the first one I had great expectations of continuing this and maybe being an Olympian sword woman. I saw the medal sitting right there. Of course, lazy old me….”

Rufus Sewell on Parlaying Fencing Skills Into Movie Sword Fighting: “Well, I had to learn the fight. That’s the training that you do basically. I do two hours a day. I was there for about six weeks, two months before filming started and I was there basically to learn the fights. You can’t just give two actors swords and say, ‘Well, let’s see who wins.’ He probably would anyway if that happened but you could only do one take.”

Rufus Sewell with More Dance Metaphors: “You have to learn it like a dance, so even under extreme stress, when you’re tired or it’s three o’clock in the morning and you’re angry, you’re hungry. If your brain goes, your body memory still has to fight. But it’s all the same. You spend all that time learning it and then you get on top of the train and they say, ‘Oh, actually we’re going to change it’ at the last moment.”

Rufus Sewell on His Injury from Catherine Zeta-Jones: “Yeah, I got a good kick in the face from Catherine as well. She was supposed to kick the knife out of my hands but she kicked the nose practically off my head. It was harder than any kick I’ve ever gotten, I’ll tell you. It was right on the head of my nose. I wasn’t quite unconscious, but God, it was a hell of a knock.”

Catherine Zeta-Jones on Kicking Rufus Sewell: “I know. I nearly broke his nose. He’s still talking about that? God, enough already! I sent him flowers. I went into his trailer three times to make sure he was okay. I felt bad.”

Martin Campbell on the Fake Swords: “What you do is you have, if they’re just carrying the swords, then you use the proper metal. If they’re sword fighting, it’s aluminum because they’re just too heavy. Then you lay in sound-wise all those little clinks and bangs.”

Martin Campbell on the Actors' Sword Fighting Abilities : “Rufus said to me, ‘I’ve never done action before.’ Well, he looked pretty terrific I think. He does his action very well. And some of that stuff’s tough. That sword fighting, it’s dangerous and it’s tough and you have to learn it very, very accurately in order not to cut.

"I mean, Antonio, I couldn’t find a stuntman to match him in terms of sword fighting. He’s better than any of them.

"And Catherine gives so much commitment to it. I think being a dancer and having a lot of stage work and everything like that, she’s very on the ball with all that. Very fit, very good timing, rather like Antonio but Antonio is an absolute genius at a sword. Nobody better.”

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