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Zeta-Jones swept away by adventure `Legend'

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Rufus Sewell, Zorro's dastardly French rival for Elena's affections, can attest to how well it did.
     ``I got a good kick in the face from Catherine. She was supposed to kick the knife out of my hand, but she kicked the nose practically off my head. It was harder than any kick I got from Antonio. I wasn't quite unconscious, but God! She felt really awful - and I milked it for all it was worth.''
     Told of Sewell's sob story, Zeta-Jones gave a look of mock mortification.
     ``Can we stop talking about that? God. Enough already! I sent him flowers. I went into his trailer. I tried to make sure that he was OK. I felt bad.''
     Does that mean Douglas has reason to be afraid?
     ``Michael is afraid if I'm in the kitchen. Period. That's what really terrifies him. I'm a terrible cook. I'm not allowed to go into the kitchen anymore. I nearly burned down the apartment in New York.''
     Does that mean Douglas cooks?
     Zeta-Jones smiled again. ``No. But he's really good at making dinner reservations. That's fine by me.''
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