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Catherine Zeta Jones' kissing ban

October 26, 2005, 4:50:03   English deutscher
Catherine Zeta Jones' kissing ban

Catherine Zeta Jones refused to kiss husband Michael Douglas for nine months after their first date. The stunning actress, who wed the 'Fatal Attraction' star five years ago, refused to smooch the legendary womaniser to keep him interested.

However, Catherine joked that her frigid antics left Michael with a few doubts about his new girlfriend.

She quipped: "I'm sure he thought I was a man in drag.

At some point he was like, 'Something is a little off here.

'" But 'The Legend of Zorro' star insists she is proud of her long courtship and when she did succumb to Michael's advances, it was worth the wait.

** Catherine Zeta Jones Article Continues Below **
** The Catherine Zeta Jones article continues now **

She added: "I was a good Welsh girl all the way through.

" Meanwhile, Catherine hates walking down the red carpet - in case people criticise her clothes She explained on a US chat show: "Usually if you walk down a red carpet you have 20 different people from magazines saying, 'What she wore, was it a faux pas?' "At the Oscars, I'm more nervous walking down the red carpet because of somebody saying how I awful I look"

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