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Zeta-Jones denies reports of a possible kidnap

by Mario Azzopardi

Wednesday, 26 October, 2005

During her publicity campaign to promote "The Legend Of Zorro", Catherine Zeta-Jones took time to deny reports of a possible kidnap. According to the Welsh actress, her driver was involved in a minor car crash in Mexico on her way back home from the set of new "Zorro" film.

Zeta-Jones admits that the incident was overblown to the point that even her mother was alarmed and called her.

"The Legend Of Zorro" debuts in local cinemas on November 2. Catherine Zeta-Jones plays again Elena de La Vega. Her co-star is once again Antonio Banderas.

The original film, "The Mask Of Zorro" was released in local cinemas during the Christmas period of 1998.
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