Q: So are you tougher when you come home in Zorro-mode? After sword fighting all day?

ZETA-JONES: Yeah, I have that kind of, 'OK. I'm in the kitchen.' (Laughs) Alright! Where is the beef!'

Q: Does that scare Michael?

Michael is afraid if I'm in the kitchen. That's what really terrifies him. I'm a terrible cook. I am not allowed to go in the kitchen anymore after I almost burned down the apartment in New York.

Q: What's this thing with Sharon Stone being mad at you?

I dunno. I dunno. Supposedly, Sharon wanted to play Lana Turner [in the Johnny Stompanato movie]. And I know Sharon really well. And I dunno. But guess what? I wanted to be in Basic Instinct 2.

Q: Are you doing the movie, and who plays Stompanato?

I will be doing it. Keanu Reeves is still on to it. I put myself on film just so I could get it in my head that the studio wouldn't turn around half way through the movie and say, 'She doesn't look like her.'

Q: Are you a big Lana Turner fan?

Yeah, I am. My father-n-law, he's going to be my research engine. My Google.

Q: It's sort of an S&M story He smacked her around and she liked it.

Oh, honey. You know so much. What would be S&M? (Laughs) Have you been Googling again? You know everything to do with S&M I know that!

Q: And the controversy over what really happened…

It makes for great screen moments.

Q: Does this have to be your sexiest movie ever?

You'll have to pay your ten bucks and see.

Q: Who is directing?

Adrian Lynne.


Zeta-Jones (left) and Banderas (right)
Q: When you filmed in the first Zorro, you weren't a celebrity, but now you were.

That was one of the biggest differences actually. When I first went down to Mexico City and I used to look at Antonio and Tony Hopkins getting followed around by autograph hunters. And I used to be standing right next to them, not that I wanted, nobody knew me, but I used to go to the Museum of Archeology three times a week. And walk around, fine, you know. People used to speak to me in Spanish. They thought I was Spanish. I used to get such great bargains at the markets. And now when I go back, it's a different thing. Just trying to keep where I lived private was quite hard, but San Louis Porticie just really opened their arms to you. I had my restaurants I used to go to that sort of became my cantinas. And they used to cook for me and I used to have my driver go and pick them up. I didn't have too much of a problem.

Q: Would you give up your fame for more anonymity?

What do you do? Would I change it? No. Sometimes does it get a little tedious? Sure. But, that's one of the cons in so many pros.

Q: Did you ever want to be Wonder Woman?

Not really. I like Zorro. I like people you can believe that don't have those stupid powers. That is the beauty of Zorro. He's just a guy working for the people, to save the people.

Q: If you had a special power, what would you like it to be?

That I could fly to the moon.