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Banderas´ Zorro rides again
10/27/2005 - 11:03

Banderas´ Zorro rides again

The latest instalment of Zorro is part classic swashbuckling action movie, part a domestic comedy-drama, featuring contemporary family issues.

Banderas says he still likes the Zorro character that made him an international star. He said: "He is a wonderful man, I like him, I like his sense of humour that he carries with himself. I like the way that he establishes his relationship with life, with his wife, with his kids, with everything surrounding him."

In "The Legend Of Zorro", Catherine Zeta Jones is again Zorro's wife, Elena. She wants her movie husband to give up his secret escapades and live a normal life with her. When he hesitates, it threatens to tear them apart.

"When we get back to the world of Zorro we find that Elena has been married to Alejandro for 10 years, their son is growing up, far too quickly as children do. He is 10, and we find them where, their marriage is a little strange, after 10 years, a little rough around the edges, and she is wanting him to hang up his mask and stay at home more for the mere fact that she feels the families lives are in jeopardy because of what he does, and that if anyone finds out his true identity it could be real trouble for them. So we find them here and the story evolves from there."

But the brunette beauty certainly didn't want to appear too homely and she was up for the 'cut and thrust' of the melodramtic sword fight, though her costumes were proved completely impractical.

"I had to do so much more sword fighting in this one which, on the page I was like, 'yes, I don't want to be the Elena standing on the balcony waiting for Zorro to come home, doing the embroidery,' so I was thrilled. Then the reality set in and I saw how much I was going to be doing and remembered that I would have to be doing it in a corset in petticoats, two petticoats, a skirt, boots, hair, make-up, and the reality set in. But it's a bit like having a baby, when the movie is completed and you see it you forget the pain."

Missing anonimity

Spanish born Banderas' is now one of Hollywood's most versatile and bankable stars. But fame has its price and the actor seems to miss life as a non-celebrity.

He said: "I would love to just to put on a mask and people don't recognise me. Yes, just walk around without being recognised, especially in my own country, so I can be an anonymous person and do the things I use to do when I was unknown."

In 'The Legend of Zorro' it is the arrival of a Frenchman Armand (Rufus Sewell) that makes him don the mask once again. He arrives with a sinister plans for California adding pressure to the troubled between Zorro and Elena, as they separate to investigate Armand's devilish plot.

Finding that he can take off his mask but not throw away the Zorro legend, Zorro unsheathes his sword once again to save California at her crucial historical moment.

'The Legend of Zorro' goes on international release on October 28.
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