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Catherine Zeta Jones' cooking nightmare
Catherine Zeta Jones has confessed she's such a terrible cook she almost burnt down her kitchen. The stunning actress, who is married to Hollywood veteran Michael Douglas, admitted she almost set fire to a pan and was too terrified to use the fire extinguisher next to the cooker.

She revealed: "Michael is afraid when I'm in the kitchen. I am a terrible cook. "I did actually burn a pan. It wasn't on fire, but it was smoking and I got a little scared, and right next to the cooker was a big old fire extinguisher. But I ran to the other side of the apartment, got Michael and said, 'We have a problem in the kitchen!' I just freaked out. "He said, 'Honey, the first thing you learn is, like, fire? Fire extinguisher!'"

Catherine, who has two children, Dylan and Carys, hasn't tried to cook since, sticking to microwave meals instead. She admitted in an interview with Britain's New magazine: "That was the first and last time I ever actually tried to cook. Now I just microwave Chicken McNuggets! "Michael can't cook either, but he's really good at making dinner reservations, and that's fine by me."

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