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Article from The Comet

Zorro leaps back into action

27 October 2005

Zorro in action
Zorro in action
TO call The Legend of Zorro the sequel to the original Mask of Zorro from 1998 is stretching the point a bit, given how many screen versions of the masked hero there have been over the years.

But it is a chance for Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones to reprise their roles from that hugely successful and enjoyable romp, before they get a bit long in the tooth for all this action nonsense.

Legend of Zorro is set a few years on from the first movie and Banderas is still living his double life as the happy family man and as the saviour of 19th century California, keeping his secret identity from his now 10-year-old son (Adrian Alonso).

California is on the verge of joining with the United States but things are different for Zorro and the missus, who separate acrimoniously. Zeta-Jones is then wooed by the dastardly Frenchman Rufus Sewell and it's time for the swashes to get buckling.

Sadly this film has little of the charm of the first film. Banderas and Zeta-Jones are still good and have that essential on-screen chemistry but apart from that it is trite and disappointing. The plot is so obvious all the way along and the overly choreographed action scenes are contrived. This has been made as slightly more of a 'family' film than the original and has suffered for it.

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