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Zeta Jones gets history lessons from the Douglasses!

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Posted on 27 Oct 2005 # ANI

Zeta Jones gets history lessons from the Douglasses!

London: Hollywood actress Catherine Zeta Jones, didn’t have to go for an in-depth study for her new movie project ‘Stompanato’ as she got the necessary history lessons from her father-in-law and husband, who were eyewitness to the scandal.

The storyline is based on the 50’s real-life murder scandal, in which the actress is playing the character of Lana Turner, whose daughter murdered the gangland-boss, Johnny Stompanato.

“I’m fascinated about when my father-in-law (Kirk Douglas) tells all these stories because he was right there. My husband (Michael Douglas) was actually right there too when all that stuff went down because he went to school with Lana’s daughter Crane” femalefirst quoted her as saying.

“The stories are just unbelievable - all about going over to Frank Sinatra’s house and in walks Lana and there’s Ava Gardner. It’s just like living a movie when you listen to them.”

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