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Zorro returns: Banderas and Zeta-Jones again as Zorro and Elena

00:44 2005-10-28
Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones again as Zorro and Elena. Age has not withered their charms, even if Martin Campbell's film spends almost as much time with their stunt doubles as he does with them. This is an action movie remember, and not to be treated seriously for a moment.

Zorro is now married to Elena and possessed of a 10-year-old son (Adrian Alonso). She thinks he's deserted them in favour of swashbuckling and serves divorce papers on him; he hits the bottle, along with his steed, reports This is London.

According to Scotsman, Welsh beauty Catherine Zeta Jones also returns to cross swords in the sequel as Zorro's no-nonsense wife Elena. It was their sizzling on-screen chemistry which helped to make the original film a $250 million hit, and Antonio admits he was keen to recapture the magic.

"Knowing that Catherine and many of the people who had worked on the first movie would be returning, I knew it was going to be exciting," he says.

Zorro loses his mask early in the show, leading to a series of unfortunate events that set the stage for his divorce.

Imagine Zorro losing his cool at a party, with his beautiful wife in the hands of another man, and ending up drunk and talking to his horse.

Despite the advent of computer-generated superheroes, it is interesting to note movie studios still have faith in resurrecting the classic action heroes. Zorros adventures have spawned titles like Zorros Fighting Legion, Zorro the Gay Blade, Zorro Rides Again and The Mask of Zorro.

Perhaps it is the adventure western classics have to offer, besides the chemistry between the two main actors Antonio Banderas
as Don Alejandro or Zorro and Catherine Zeta-Jones as Elena.

The handsome couple shared the big screen in 1998 in The Mask of Zorro, propelling the Welsh beauty with her porcelain looks to international fame. Despite being married with two children, Zeta-Jones still sparkles, informs New Straits Times.


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Pravda.RU:Science and Culture

Genetic map speed search for disease genes

An international team has tracked a million DNA variations in volunteers around the world, as part of an effort to map the diversity of human genes More details...

Zorro returns: Banderas and Zeta-Jones again as Zorro and Elena

Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones again as Zorro and Elena. Age has not withered their charms, even if Martin Campbell's film spends almost as much time with their stunt doubles as he does with them More details...

U.S.A.:parents can choose their baby gender

A clinical trial into the effects of allowing couples to choose the sex of their babies has been given the go-ahead at a US fertility clinic. The controversial study was given the green light by an ethics committee after nine years of consultation. The purpose of the study is to find out how cultural notions, family values and gender issues feed into a couple's desire to choose the gender of their child More details...

Genetic map can help to identify common deceases

Scientists have completed a world's first genetic "map" of human diversity, that will speed up the search for causes and cures for diseases ranging from Alzheimer's, asthma, cancer and diabetes, to heart disease. More than 200 researchers from six countries have spent three years deconstructing the human genome to discover the precise genetic differences between people More details...

ESA sends student-designed satellite into orbit

A Russian booster rocket successfully carried a student-designed satellite into low Earth orbit Thursday for the European Space Agency under a program intended to help inspire and train Europe's future aerospace workers More details...

Robots would perform surgery on patients in space

Small robots designed by University of Nebraska researchers may allow doctors on Earth to help perform surgery on patients in space. The tiny, wheeled robots, which are about 3 inches tall and as wide as a lipstick case, can be slipped into small incisions and computer-controlled by surgeons in different locations. Some robots are equipped with cameras and lights and can send back images to surgeons More details...

Microsoft unveils plans on online book library

US software giant Microsoft announced on Wednesday plans to launch an online library of books and other written works. A "beta" version of MSN Book Search will go into service online next year, Microsoft said in a written release More details...

Scientists present genetic milestone

A major scientific step in the field of genetics is set to speed up the search for the causes of common illnesses ranging from heart disease and cancer to Alzheimer's and asthma. They have completed a map that charts patterns of human genetic variation in the world population, to better understand human biology, evolution and how to diagnose diseases More details...

Indonesia says dead chickens on Bali may have bird flu

Indonesia says some chickens that have dropped dead on the resort island of Bali in recent days may have had bird flu, though officials are still awaiting test results More details...

Online available interviews with TV actors, creators, performers

Taped interviews with dozens of prominent TV performers and creators, including Dick Van Dyke, Sid Caesar and Norman Lear, are available online, officials announced. More details...

"The Sopranos" return in March 2006

When it comes to "The Sopranos" cast, partners in crime also are colleagues in film. More details...

"Desperate Housewife," Nicollette Sheridan no longer a fiancee

Actress Nicollette Sheridan is keeping the title of "Desperate Housewife," but she's no longer a fiancee. More details...

Janet Jackson's secret child

The famously secretive pop star Janet Jackson broke her silence Wednesday on assertions by her former brother-in-law that she had a secret 18-year-old daughter More details...

European Union have strategies for bird flu

Experts say a flu pandemic is likely to happen. The World Health Organization said only four out of its 52 European members, including Tajikistan, had no plan More details...

Johnny Depp to produce "Shantaram" - movie based on novel by Gregory David Roberts

The Warner Bros. project is based on the novel by Gregory David Roberts. It will be adapted by Oscar-winning writer Eric Roth ("Forrest Gump"). Johnny Depp will produce and be the star of "Shantaram" an India-based flick More details...

National Gallery in London presents works by Flemish master Rubens

Rubens: A Master in the Making, which traces the first 15 years of the artist's career, includes a drawing which is on display for the first time. The exhibition, which runs from 26 October to 15 January 2006, features 45 paintings and 30 drawings that span from 1599 to 1614. It begins as Rubens left Antwerp at the age of 22 and embarked on a study trip, where he was inspired by antique statues and the art of Michelangelo, Raphael and Caravaggio More details...

Frank Gehry-designed building begins new life

To read many of the stories written about Frank Gehry these days, you'd think that one of his buildings was all that was required for a destitute city to leap into the forefront of global metropolises. But in Paris (which gets along just fine on its own merits,) the one Gehry-designed structure has sat abandoned for a decade, "a sad monument to a failed American dream. More details...

Children's vaccination can keep adults healthier

Since the introduction of the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV-7) for babies and toddlers in 2000, the rate of invasive pneumococcal disease in adults over age 50 decreased by 28 percent, The new vaccine provides protection against seven types of Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria. These bacteria are also commonly known as pneumococcus. Pneumococcal infections can cause pneumonia, meningitis, blood infections and ear infections, according to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) More details...

Microsoft is to digitise world's books

Microsoft has joined a Yahoo-backed effort to digitise the world's books and other works to make them searchable and accessible to anyone online. The move comes as Google faces growing legal pressure from publishers over its own global digital library plans More details...

Egyptian King Tutankhamen liked red wine, scientists say

King Tutankhamen drank red wine, says a researcher who analyzed very dry traces of the vintage found in his tomb. Maria Rosa Guasch-Jane, who briefed reporters Wednesday at the British Museum, said she had invented a process which gave archaeologists a tool to discover the color of ancient wine More details...

UN campaign focuses on fight HIV/AIDS in children

Only one in 20 of the H.I.V.-infected children worldwide who need life-prolonging drugs gets them. Only one out of 100 gets a cheap antibiotic that can nearly halve death rates from secondary infections like diarrhea and malaria. Less than one in 10 mothers infected with the H.I.V. virus are given drugs that can stop transmission to their babies More details...

Viagra reduces heart attack risk

Scientists have discovered that Viagra, Pfizer's treatment for erectile dysfunction, could also be used to reduce stress that can lead to heart attacks More details...

Dell presents its new "DataSafe"

Dell Inc. announced an all-inclusive way to help consumers who've accidentally deleted precious photos or lost valuable data because of a hard drive crash. Starting in November, Dell will install its "DataSafe" option on new Dimension E310 and E510 and XPS 400 desktop computers More details...

Experimental urine test can help detect bladder cancer in early, curable stages, researchers say

Early diagnosis is a challenge in bladder cancer, which often grows rapidly. Blood in the urine is a common symptom, but it also can signal less serious conditions and patients frequently dismiss it until the disease has progressed. The study involved 134 male bladder cancer patients and 84 healthy men. The test correctly identified cancer in 90 percent of the patients and ruled it out appropriately in healthy men almost as often More details...

U.S. parents battle with their kids' overweight

Kids don't run outside and play like they used to, and parents say being a couch potato is a major culprit in the growing problem of childhood obesity in the United States. Lack of exercise edged out easy access to junk food as the main concern of the 21 percent of parents who conceded in an AP-KOL poll that their children are overweight. KOL is the kids' service of Internet service provider America Online More details...

Intel replans its strategy

Facing strong competition from rival Advanced Micro Devices Inc., chip-maker Intel Corp. modified its plans for upcoming server microprocessors, starting in 2007 More details...

Mars rover Spirit begins hauling down from summit

Mars rover Spirit that reached the top of a Martian hill this summer after an epic climb, is heading back down toward its next target for exploration More details...

Germany: art, architecture and landscape involved in field experiments

On a 650-acre expanse of farmland near Cologne, Germany, adjacent to a former NATO missile base, sixteen architects and artists from around the world are currently creating an experimental development called Hombroich spaceplacelab: a unique and daring merger of art, architecture and landscape More details...

Heredity plays a major role in schizophrenia, study says

Heredity seems to play a major role in schizophrenia, since the disease runs in families, and now new research sheds light on exactly how a genetic mutation disrupts the brain and makes people develop the condition More details...

James Stanfield Photography Exhibition presented by Samsung in New York

Samsung, a global leader in consumer electronics innovation, and the National Geographic Society join forces to present a unique digital photography exhibition featuring a retrospective of legendary photographer James Stanfields work displayed on a wide range of Samsungs award-winning digital technology products. The photographs will be displayed on Samsungs HDTVs, portable DVD players, MP3 players, laptops and more. Visitors can even print their choice of five sensational Stanfield photos from one of Samsungs new digital photo printers. More details...

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