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Living 7-Day Archive


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Friday, Oct 28, 2005
Living  XML
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Posted on Fri, Oct. 28, 2005

Adding a kid makes this `Zorro' better

The Legend of Zorro is an awesome movie because it's better than the first, The Mask of Zorro.

It's about Alejandro de la Vega/Zorro (Antonio Banderas) going through a rough time, then fighting through it.

Zorro's wife, Elena (Catherine Zeta-Jones), is having trouble with him because he's breaking the promise he made when their son, Joaquin, was born. That promise was that his family was his life and he would eventually stop his secret identity.

When two Pinkerton agents show up, they make it easy for Elena to leave her marriage. They blackmail her by telling her that they know who her husband is. They want her to divorce him and come to work for them.

She is to get together with an old boyfriend, Armand, the new villain. Armand is planning to destroy the United States with an explosive called nitroglycerin. Will Zorro be able to stop his new nemesis and win back the love of his family?

What I didn't like about this Zorro was that it was missing Anthony Hopkins, who was so good as the original Zorro in the first movie. They could have at least allowed him to talk to his apprentice.

I enjoyed this Zorro more than The Mask of Zorro because his son takes part in it and it was funnier than the original.

The de la Vegas are fighting for families in The Legend of Zorro, making this a family movie.

Matthew A. Thomas has been watching movies with his father, Akron Beacon Journal movie critic George Thomas since he was an infant.

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