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Zeta Jones renews new Bond's “licence to kill”!

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Posted on 29 Oct 2005 # ANI

Zeta Jones renews new Bond's “licence to kill”!

London: She has the looks to kill, he the licence, and the new James Bond, Daniel Craig, would be pleased to know, that despite the luke-warm response to his selection, his licence to kill has just been renewed by none other than the drop-dead gorgeous Welsh beauty, Catherine Zeta Jones.

Craig has been blasted by critics as lacking the charisma that the suave secret agent is normally associated with, and which accompanied stars like Sir Sean Connery, Roger Moore, and more recently, the hugely popular, Pierce Brosnan, but for Jones, he has all the necessary credentials to play the role with the same intensity and aplomb, as his illustrious predecessors.

“He's a great choice. Bond has a licence to kill, and Daniel has that kind of intensity.” The Sun quoted her, as saying.

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