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Catherine Zeta-Jones Denies Wonder Woman Rumors
Category: SOFTPEDIA NEWS :: Entertainment

  "I like people without stupid powers"
By: Entertainment News Staff

Catherine Zeta-Jones has recently declared she was never interested to play Wonder Woman in a film version of the classic TV show. The Welsh beauty has allegedly insisted she wouldn't step into the heroine's pants on the big screen - and has branded the superhero "stupid".

"I like people without stupid powers", the actress was quoted in Britain's News of the World newspaper as saying.

Lynda Carter, the actress who became famous for her
part as Wonder Woman, thinks that the best choice for the big budget film version of the movie, which is set to be shot in Australia next year, will be an unknown actress in her 20s.

Apparently, neither Sandra Bullock, 40, nor Catherine Zeta-Jones, 35, will have the chance to wear the gold bullet-reflecting bracelets and whirl the magic lasso, as they are considered too old for the part.

Catherine Zeta-Jones has also laughed off rumors claiming she had upset Sharon Stone by beating her to the lead role in new film STOMPANATO. The Legend of Zorro star is set to play legendary actress Lana Turner in the movie.
Catherine insists she knows nothing of a supposed rivalry with Sharon Stone.

"I don't know about Sharon being upset about not getting to play Lana. And I know her well”, she said.

"But guess what? I wanted to be in Basic Instinct 2!", the actress added.


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