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23 November 2005
By Pat Roller

LET'S hear it for veteran rocker Roger Daltrey. We think he may be on to a winner TheWho singer wants bandmate PeteTownshend to turn his back on the culture of youth and write songs for their new album that reflect the group's age and experience.

He told the New York Daily News: "Pete is one of the few great rock 'n' roll writers.

"It's always frustrated me - rock 'n' roll and its statement about youth. Old age has its own problems, and it'd be great for Townshend to put those words into music."

We think we can help him out here.With one or two tweaks, there are some songs already out there that would make a decent album

For example: # Stairlift To Heaven #Blue Suede Slippers # I Feel Like Making Tea # I Will Revive

#Saggy May

#Whole Lotta Creakin' Goin' On

#Hang OnDroopy #Zimmertime Blues #Good Palpitations

#God OnlyKnows (What I Came Into This Room For). Actually, there maybe a VolumeTwosome time

SMOKING can be bad for your health in many ways,but here's anew aspect.Consider the case of Sadrine Sellies,34,who admitted in court this week that,while drunk on a flight from Hong Kong to Brisbane,Australia,she tried to open an aircraft door so she could smoke a cigarette.

She has since realised the error of her ways. After all, it gets pretty draughty at 32,000ft.How on earth did she think she was going to get the thing lit

ACTRESS Catherine Zeta-Jones is at a loss what to serve up for Christmas dinner this year.The choice isn't as simple for her as it is for most us - she has a fear of turkeys.

The website quotes her as saying: "They make me feel ill.

"They are ugly, clammy, cold and flabby. I hate all the folds of pimpled flesh and the disgusting grey wrinkles around the legs."

Her marriage to Michael Douglas, meanwhile, goes from strength to strength. Now,why does the phrase "love is blind" keep popping into our heads

WE'RE checking with contacts across the Atlantic. We think this was the 137th time George Bush has fallen for the old electrified-door-handle trick

OFFICIALS at the central bank of the Philippines have had to issue an apology after they realised they had misspelled their president's name on new banknotes.The notes carry the signature of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo,but underneath she's named as "Arrovo".

Hang on.Maybeweshouldcheck that tonnerwe got in ourchange this morning.

RESEARCH by Oxfam predicts that Britons will waste about £1.2billion on unwanted Christmas gifts this year. We hadn't realised Katie Melua sold that many albums


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