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Tuesday, 27th December 2005


The Scotsman Fri 25 Nov 2005
Award for bravery: not all women can make like...

Award for bravery: not all women can make like Mariah Carey and go out without any support or even tape.
Picture: Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

Adopt the A-list tricks to avoid booby traps


LAST week, an insider from The Legend of Zorro revealed that Catherine Zeta-Jones covered her nipples with a cross of tape every morning before filming to stop them poking out in cold weather. The ever-classy CZ-J realised that even the sexiest frock could be ruined by a bit too much exposure. As the Christmas party season, and all the dressed-up nights that come with it, is fast approaching, here are some tips for negotiating the minefield of bad underwear, visible cellulite and exposed flabby bits, and avoid the most cringeworthy of fashion faux pas.


TO AVOID the unattractive outline of granny pants, above, through an otherwise sexy outfit, stock up on a few girly but invisible G-strings or leg-skimming French knickers. Boudiche lingerie boutique has a good range of low-slung, high-leg and sheer varieties to solve most of your dress dilemmas. Head for Boudiche, Frederick Street, Edinburgh, 0131-226 5255, or go online at


EVEN the slimmest of women can suffer from this tragic spillover at the waistband caused by too-tight trousers or an ill-advised pair of tights under a close-fitting dress. Get rid of that spare tyre with a pair of Spanx, a cover-all favourite of Trinny and Susannah and post-pregnancy Gwyneth Paltrow.

Harvey Nichols sells Spanx's super-elasticated Power Panties for holding in lumps and bumps. Spanx also does a Higher Power version for £23, which comes right up to under the bust-line. Try Harvey Nichols, Edinburgh, 0131-524 8388, or go online at or


AUDREY HEPBURN or Jackie O would never have been caught with an H&M label poking out the top of their LBD. So, to be on the safe side, cut out all white labels before a night-out, and, for sheer fabrics, make sure you remove all the labels on the inside seams, as well as the little ribbons for hanging the garment up on the coat-hanger. As for shoes, always take off the stickers on the soles. You may be particularly proud of the bargain sale price you paid at TK Maxx, but you needn't display it with white stickers on your shoes. It's just plain naff.


MANY a great outfit has been spoiled by a tacky set of painted toenails seen peeking out through sheer tights. Paris Hilton also showed us recently what not to wear when her big toe poked out through fishnet stockings worn with strappy sandals.

If your outfit calls for open shoes, either go bare-legged, and order a taxi to the party, or else order some sneaky toeless tights from They come in perfect gold, perfect beige and perfect tan, and cost £3.99. Go online at


NOT everyone has Madonna's super muscular upper arms, and the party season often calls for getting your arms out in something sleeveless, strappy or backless. Shrugs and capes cover a multitude of sins, and are also a hot look for the winter season if Kate Moss and Sienna Miller are anything to go by. Oasis sell a range of shrugs and boleros with sequins and crochet. Slip one over your shoulders and you'll still look dolled up to the nines. Oasis, Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow. 0141 332 6997,


AVOID looking as if you are "smuggling peanuts" on a chilly night by investing in a set of Breast Daisies.

These nifty little material patches allow you to wear sheer blouses or clingy tops while providing discreet coverage in the form of a tiny flower-shaped stick-on plaster.

La Senza sell them for £5 for seven pairs, or for £10 you can get a washable, reusable silicone version. Head for lingerie specialist La Senza, Princes Street, Edinburgh, 0131-226 1689, or order online from


THE fashion industry has used double-sided toupee tape to hold bosoms in place for years, and variations of it are available in most department stores and lingerie shops.

Marks & Spencer's Body Tape costs £5, and can be used for holding floaty fabrics in place over the cleavage. For those who dare not go totally bra-less, their multi-way and strapless bras provide halter-neck or backless solutions. Make sure your dress is well fitted to provide extra support, but if you're not as brave as Mariah Carey and are worried you'll spend the night fidgeting with your top, pick a style you feel more relaxed in. Head to Marks & Spencer, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, 0141-332 6097, or shop online at


HAVING a couple of wet marks under your oxters is never a flattering look, but, as the gorgeous Cameron Diaz proved recently on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, it really can happen to the best of us.

To avoid this most embarrassing of predicaments without spending the evening with arms fixed to your sides, avoid wearing grey, beige or neutral colours, as well as silk and satin fabrics, as these can be very unforgiving.

If a strong deodorant doesn't keep you dry, then take extreme measures and invest in underarm perspiration shields from, priced £5.99 for six pairs,

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