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   KATHMANDU, NOVEMBER 25, 2005, Mangsir 10, 2062    ARCHIVE SECTION
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Australia’s Monette Russo

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The Secrete Behind Jones’ Beauty
Actress Catherine Zeta Jones’ beauty has not withered even a wee bit over the years. There is a secret behind it. The Welsh beauty has revealed that a good night's sleep is the secret behind her exotic looks.
The ‘Legend of Zorro’ star said that an early bedtime of 8.30 pm was her biggest beauty secret and that she gets real grumpy if she hasn't had enough sleep.
“Sleep is the biggest beauty secret of all. Just the other night I saw it was 8.30pm and said, ‘Oh, I have to go to bed'. What kind of girl goes to bed at 8.30pm? In my case, a happy one. I'm a grump if I don't get lots of sleep,” she said.

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The Secrete Behind Jones’ Beauty
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