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   KATHMANDU, DECEMBER 13, 2005, Mangsir 27, 2062    ARCHIVE SECTION
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Traditional stone throwing

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Zeta Jones to jettison nicotine addiction?
Hollywood actress Catherine Zeta Jones has made a New Year's resolution to get rid of her nicotine cravings, because she is afraid of the impact her deadly habit will have on her growing kids.

The 36-year-old beauty, is concerned because her two children, Dylan-five and two-year-old Cary are approaching an impressionable age, when kids become curious to know about every little thing around.

"I have to stop as my kids are at an age when they are going to start asking questions," Femalefirst quoted the Oscar winner, as saying.

However it's yet to be seen if Jones is able to quit, as she had recently demanded she be flown to a recent awards bash by private jet, so she could enjoy a cigarette while flying.

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