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Catherine Zeta-Jones To Trade In Hollywood For Las Vegas NEWS » FILM NEWS

Catherine Zeta-Jones To Trade In Hollywood For Las Vegas
She wants to be a Showgirl...
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By: Lowri Williams on 12/28/2005

Welsh actress, Catherine Zeta-Jones has revealed a desire to become a star in Las Vegas.

CZJ is reportedly desperate to carve out a singing career for herself in Vegas, now that she has conquered Hollywood.

Her reason for wanting to be a Vegas showgirl? Cher of course! Apparently after watching a Cher video as a child, CZJ became obsessed and now wants to full fill her ambition.

She said: "I want to do a Vegas show. I had a video of Cher in Vegas I saw as a kid and I watched it so much it got kind of warped.

"Get me the head-dress and high heels and I'll be there."

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