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Catherine Zeta-Jones has her resolution

Reports say Catherine Zeta-Jones has decided to quit smoking this year for the sake of her two children Dylan, 5, and Carys, 2. In an interivew this year she said, “I have to stop as my kids are at the age when they are going to start asking questions.”

Zeta-Jones has been known to take flights from Europe to the US on private jets because she can't imagine not smoking for an extended period of time.

It amuses me because my parents, in the seventies, never gave a second thought to smoking around their children. In fact I'm pretty sure I was born with a cigarette in my mouth.

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1. That must have really hurt your mom. Gives whole new meaning to cigarette burns.

Posted at 4:09PM on Dec 31st 2005 by Lisa V 0 stars

2. When I was expecting my older kids and maybe even longer than that, there were ashtrays in the ob/gyn waiting room and in our hospital rooms.

Pretend doctors in white coats advertised Camels on t.v.

Posted at 4:48PM on Dec 31st 2005 by Ann Adams 0 stars

3. Interesting comment about your parents. My parents in the 70s (I was born in 1970) DID care about smoking in front of us. They hid it. They snuck cigarettes and lied and pretended they smelled of smoke because their friends smoked. Most outrageously one time I caught my mom and a friend smoking in our kitchen and my mom told me she wasn't smoking - her friend was smoking 2 cigarettes, and my mom was just holding one for her! I finally called them on it when I was in 2nd grade. I threw the cigarettes I found in mom's underwear drawer into the garbage disposal and told them if they didn't quit I was running away from home. They did quit!

Posted at 7:27PM on Dec 31st 2005 by Hillary 0 stars

4. Catherine should quit trying to be the center of attention as she always puts her foot into her mouth. She makes it sound as if her parents did not care about her or her health which I am sure is not true. Let's see if she really can quit smoking!

Posted at 10:25AM on Jan 1st 2006 by Sarah DeLuca 0 stars

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