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Zeta-Jones kicks the butt for her kids!

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Posted on 31 Dec 2005 # ANI Post your comment

Zeta-Jones kicks the butt for her kids!

London: While promises are made to be broken, Welsh beauty Catherine Zeta-Jones is hoping that she will be able to stick to her New Year resolution and give up her habit of smoking for the sake of her kids.

The stunning ‘Mask of Zorro' star said that she wanted to kick her 10-cigs a day habit because she didn't want her kids, Dylan and Carys, picking up the habit. And, though at the ages of five and two they might seem to be a little young to start smoking, Catherine says they're already asking all the questions related to her habit.

“I have to stop as my kids are at the age when they are going to start asking questions,” the Mirror quoted her, as saying.

A friend of the actress also confirmed the actress' plans to quit because of the influence it was having on her kids.

“It always was her philosophy that people who enjoy smoking enjoy life. But all that has changed now. She doesn't want her kids to smoke,” the friend said.


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