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Angelina Jolie, Baby Bump or Not, Wins Sexiest Body Poll
By Cris Bergman
Jan 2, 2006

Mega star Angelina Jolie has the sultry lips, but her tanned, toned and sexy athletic body has landed her on top – of yet another poll.


This one comes from the UK and  Mrs. Smith and Zorro star Catherine Zeta-Jones have the most coveted New Years female bodies, according to Virgin.

The actresses topped a survey commissioned by Boots to coincide with a campaign about motivation behind New Year's resolutions and were deemed to have the most desirable female bodies, reports.


Hard to argue.

But if the preggers rumors are true – does that mean UK women desire to procreate this year?

Perhaps the poll doesn't go that deep.

Her latest conquest, live in sweetie and official dad-to-be Brad Pitt nabs the male side of the poll.

England soccer captain David Beckham is right there with Mr. Smith.

Jolie and Pitt are white hot right now, and the mystery surrounding Angie and her baby is helping push the pair to stratospheric heights.

--Cris Bergman

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