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Private jets and terminal time
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Afresh guard: Catherine Zeta-Jones

If Shah Rukh Khan quit smoking on his 40th birthday, Catherine Zeta-Jones has vowed never to smoke again from the first day of 2006. This New Year resolution comes in the wake of the actress’s realisation that her two kids — five-year-old Dylan and two-year-old Carys — may start asking questions.

In fact, Catherine has been so addicted to smoking that she insisted on only flying private jets because she couldn’t last a long flight without a smoke. That had put awards organisers in a fix as they could not book her on a ‘public’ airline anymore.

You last saw Mrs Michael Douglas on the big screen in the arms of Antonio Banderas in The Legend of Zorro. Now, you can catch the beautiful actress on the small screen as Amelia the flight attendant in Steven Spielberg’s The Terminal. The film based on a true story and starring Tom Hanks will premiere on TV this Friday, 9 pm, on STAR Movies.

The Terminal is about Viktor Navorski (Hanks), who must spend his days and nights in the John F. Kennedy airport’s international transit lounge as his passport is rendered invalid with his country at war. As the weeks and months stretch on, Viktor finds the compressed universe of the terminal to be a richly complex world of amusement, serendipity and even romance. And that is where Zeta-Jones arrives and spells love in his life.

City hopeful: Antara Mitra. Picture by Sanjoy Chattopadhay

Twin triumph

After Monali Thakur made it to the next round of Indian Idol in December, Calcutta has more reasons to rejoice as two other girls from this part of the world have cracked the Piano Round on the Sony show. Jolly Das and Antara Mitra have been voted to the next round by the viewers along with Mumbai girl Meenal. Two other Calcutta girls, Saberri Bhattacharya and Sandipa Datta, have lost out, though.

Speaking to Metro from Mumbai, Maslandapur girl Antara says: “After all the judges praised me so much I really expected the audience to vote for me. While Anuji (Malik) called me the ultimate playback singer, Sonuji (Nigam) said that by singing an item number (Ho ja rangeela re) I have proved that I can sing more than just classical songs.”

For Jolly, it wasn’t that smooth when Anu Malik criticised her performance. Singing the Yuva number Kabhi neem neem, she got overawed by the barrage of cameras and the live audience. “Aami shob shomoy chokh bondho kore geyechhi,” she says. “So, it was difficult to perform and sing at the same time. Now that I have qualified, I will try to improve myself.”

Both the Calcutta girls, though, are very sad that Saberri and Sandipa had to lose out at this stage. “Having been together from Day One, we are surely going to miss the two of them,” says Antara. But right now, a whole lot of challenges await the two girls from Bengal as they not only prepare themselves for the next round but start recording their first album for Sony.

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