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Charlotte Church To Appear In New Catherine Zeta Jones Film
About Wales and rugby...
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By: Lowri Williams on 1/12/2006

Catherine Zeta Jones has asked fellow Welsh diva, Charlotte Church to appear and sing the theme tune for her new film, ‘Coming Out’.

The film, set in South Wales is about the story of a struggling Welsh rugby team and homosexuality.

A source was quoted by the Daily Star as saying: "Catherine sees Charlotte as a younger version of herself.

"She thinks she's incredibly talented."

Ms Church may also be making a cameo in the film despite promising never to act again after her first feature film; ‘I’ll Be There’ was a big flop.

At the time Church said: "I won't be doing any more films. I think I was quite dreadful."

"I watched it and I thought, 'Stick to singing, girl, stick to singing.'"

Well, with CZJ looking after you, you’ll be fine…

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